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27th August 2011

1:30am: Busy.
I haven't made a public entry in several years. A lot of things have happened, most of them good things.

I've graduated with my B.A. in English language & literature from the Univ. of Missouri. That's the main professional highlight. Everything else is happening in my personal life.

Thanks to everyone who sends me emails and comments regularly!

Привет to all the Russian readers!
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29th August 2008

12:39pm: Update
Hi everyone, I'm posting just a very quick public update.

School started again. I'm still at UMKC, but only taking 6 credit hours this semester to balance out my hectic work schedule with the health system.

I've been doing a lot of reading both for school and pleasure lately. Maybe I can write later about some of the books and stories I've been reading.

My two classes this semester are advanced Spanish and English Renaissance non-Shakespearian drama. Obviously my favorite class is the drama class. No acting or staging of plays is required for the course; we only read the plays and then analyze and discuss them in class, eventually writing a 25-page paper at the end of the semester.

Okay, more later. Bye bye!
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9th March 2008

11:09pm: I slept all day, after working all night last night, bleh.

I spent entirely too much time chatting online after I woke up.

Also, I haven't taken my medicine today. Shitty.

Work tomorrow at 3pm.

Nothing exciting on my calendar until March 28, which is my third full laser treatment on the face. Amazing progress.
Current Mood: cold

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23rd May 2006

11:15pm: 22mg of methadone and counting down.

Starting to feel a bit restless; time is also starting to slow down.

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17th April 2006

8:28pm: Methadone: the invisible drug
So I am in my second month of methadone treatment, and time seems to be passing faster and faster. I've noticed methadone makes you very capable of dealing with immense boredom, hours of doing nothing, with little or no complaining. This is perfect for someone with a slow-paced job with plenty of time to burn at work.

My job is very fast-paced, and methadone is well-suited for that type of schedule too. Methadone gives me a constant energy and accelerates my thoughts. I tried lowering my dose at the clinic recently, and I nearly passed out at work from exhaustion. I went back up on my dose.

This leads me to the very scary question...if, after only 2 months at the clinic, I am already this dependent on methadone again, how am I ever going to leave treatment? Or do they have me forever?

Methadone is so translucent that I do not feel it throughout the day. To catch a buzz on it, I have to drink alcohol after I take it. Doing so makes me super fucked up. I don't like getting fucked up anymore, so I take the methadone properly. But a lack of methadone... whew, I definitely feel that. It is such a two-faced drug... haha.

I am more scared than ever that I will be on methadone forever, that I will die a methadone patient. I have heard of more than a few people who took methadone for 40 or more years, until they died. And they started when they were my age.
Current Mood: worried

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16th March 2006

7:10pm: The studio
My studio is small, and very cozy. I couldn't have built or designed a better place for me to live. And the neighbors are really quiet and nice; they all work at the hospital across the street.

The other three floors below me are offices and businesses. The office of the new movie "The Guardian" is right below my studio, and I sometimes see the production company employees in the elevator, and I can never figure out who actually does what job. Everytime I go by their floor they are all standing around talking about where they want to eat.

The first floor has a nifty little cafe called "Stone's Throw." I eat there almost every Friday.

It's just me and my cat in the studio, and I drink all the wine I want, and of course dance around half-naked to crazy songs from the likes of Wang Chung and other assorted 80's quirkies.

Life is getting better.
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14th November 2005

1:50pm: It seems like life is speeding by very quickly.
Current Mood: working

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25th September 2005

3:25pm: Whew!
The storm was not even half as bad in Shreveport/Bossier City as the local media and Weather Channel predicted. East and southeast Texas were hit hardest, along with the southwesternmost part of this state.

There was some very very strong wind early Saturday morning. Trees were down in my brother's neighborhood (Highland) and some streets were flooded out. I suppose since this area has been in a drought since the beginning of summer, the ground absorbed a large part of the excess water.

But geez, how much more can the Louisiana economy take?? Or the national economy for that matter.

It's now harder than ever to find employment and housing in Shreveport/Bossier City. Luckily I already have both, and I'm holding on to both very tightly...
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22nd September 2005

1:19pm: Rita
Unfortunately, unless Rita drastically changes its predicted course, I am currently sitting directly in the path of it :(

Starting to plan for high wind and rain....
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11th July 2005

7:49pm: Back to reality
It sucks. Heh
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13th April 2005

12:22pm: I'm trying to finish these stupid web designs for my school job. I'm not having much luck, but then again I'm also not putting too much effort into it.

If I can finish one design with content today, I'll be happy.
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14th March 2005

10:36am: Quiz
At work, bored.

Quiz: Which color of death is yours?Collapse )
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10th March 2005

11:40am: A new quarter began, so my classes are:

Biology 102 (finally taking this--I've been putting it off!!)
Computer Science 122 - Advanced Object-Oriented Programming in Java
English 464 - Occupational Technical Writing

I'm so close to graduating with a B.A. in Technical Writing and a Minor in Computer Science, yet it seems so far... :P
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6th February 2005

8:15pm: Argh. Got a speeding ticket on I-20 West in Bienville Parish. 85 mph in a 70 mph zone. $190, argh.

My fault, however.
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28th September 2004

9:55pm: Bleh
Current Mood: very depressed

8th July 2004

9:16pm: Missing Hawai`i bad
Current Mood: nostalgic

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16th June 2004

10:07pm: ...
I've been having vivid dreams involving situations and people from Hawaii. I wake up swearing I am back in Hawaii, and it's extremely unnerving. I enjoy the dreams, but they are extremely realistic.

Well, here's to hoping for another one tonight.
Current Mood: can't sleep, but still good

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14th May 2004

12:38pm: Aloha
Last post from the dorms. :) Aloha.
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11th May 2004

11:07am: My unique drink recipe
I should share my wonderful drink recipe. I started out calling it "French Choker," but that sounds too much like an article of jewelry, so I've settled on calling it "Rite of Spring," after the ballet of the same name. The ballet--performed by Les Ballets Russe, a Russian ballet company--caused a riot in Paris at its premier. I think that is a fitting name for this drink, given its ingredients and their areas of origin.

rubix540 suggests calling it "Blind Dorm Rat." That is the official slang name for it.

So here's what you need:

Peach Chardonnay
Smirnoff citrus-flavored vodka

Make sure the wine and vodka are cold. Fill a regular size drinking cup 1/3 - 1/2 full of the vodka, fill the remainder with wine. Drink quickly, and have a few glasses. Always results in a good night. :)
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10:05am: ...
Closed my bank account, got traveller's cheques for the remaining sum. Ordered an academic transcript to be sent when this semester's grades are posted. Packed a few more things. I hope to take the boxes to the post office by tomorrow afternoon. Anything else? Ahh, did I mention I need sleep? hehe

I awoke at 3:30am and finished up some long-needed email correspondence.

Now I need to study math. I am slightly worried about the final for that class... it's the only one I'm concerned about.
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28th April 2004

8:33am: !!!
Twenty-one days until I return to the mainland forever!

I'm excited!
Current Mood: excited

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5th April 2004

10:15pm: The day the elevators stood still
Brush my shoulder, it's okay
Only one more floor to go
I've fallen for you since we left 'one'
I'll be over you by the time we hit 'six'
And you--continue to the top, to 'twelve'
Just to leave your scent for the next one at 'one'

I'd rather not sign my name to the above piece of shit. We had to write a poem for our classmates to edit in my professional editing class. At a loss for ideas, I wrote the above garbage. I figure it might start to look good after a good night's sleep.

Ever been in an elevator and smelled the previous passenger's perfume or laundry detergent? That is what the poem is about.

Here's to hoping it sounds better tomorrow.
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29th February 2004

2:05pm: Leap Year
Couldn't resist posting on Leap Year Day.

Enjoy the day!
Current Mood: listless

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4th February 2004

4:58pm: Spam
This is, without a doubt, the best spam message I have ever received:

Adult spam message hereCollapse )

Current Mood: amused

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24th October 2003

6:22pm: Testing email posting
This post was sent via email. I certainly like this new LJ feature!

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